Breaking Ground at the Amish Farm and House

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It is a deceptively beautiful sunny day in Lancaster, but if you step outside you may be blown sideways by strong gusts in what “feels like 23˚.”  It could be worse- breaking ground requires at least some shelter inside the cab of the excavating machinery or the dump truck, and this is what Dave, Bob, and Ivan are up to today before the predicted heavy rains this weekend.  They are laying the groundwork for the new pavilion on the Amish Farm and House located on Lincoln Highway between Target and the American Music Theatre, and the planned pavilion will bring a needed upgrade to the property.


Previously, visitors to the farm – an authentic Amish homestead that has been renovated and outfitted for tours and education – would have the opportunity to roam the farm grounds at the end of the tour and lunch under the white big-top tent.  The tent was badly damaged and lost to the recent ice storms, prompting manager Mark Andrews to contract with Socius for a new structure. 


The new 35’ x 50’ pavilion will feature overlayment of rough pine and stone veneer to help it blend in with the older buildings on the Farm grounds.  It will be populated with picnic tables, and like its predecessor, it will be additionally used for special events hosted at the Amish Farm.  It is scheduled to be fully operational by the end of April. 

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