Outdoor Spaces

“If you have built castles in the air… put the foundations under them.”
—Henry David Thoreau


If you have ever gazed out of your window and envisioned a luxurious backyard retreat, you are the creative sort who thinks outside the living room and pushes the boundaries of the living area in your home.  One of the most exciting ways to improve and expand your living space is to move it outdoors.

We bring more than 15 years of custom concrete and masonry experience to bear when we help you plan your beautiful new pool deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen.  Expert carpenters bring dimension to your dreams and help you actualize your pergola, your deck, even the posts where your hammock hangs.  We will help you dramatically improve the usability and feel of your home by creating an exceptional and affordable outdoor living space that is even better than what you have always imagined.

Flosser Patio & Outdoor Living Space in Lititz, PA
photography: Audrey Ventura


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