Residential Remodeling

“It’s time to rethink our houses and to let them become expressions of the way we really live.” Sarah Susanka had it right when she conceptualized what she calls “the not so big house,” an idea that we latched onto when given Susanka’s book of the same title by one of our favorite customers. In thinking of our homes as expressions of who we are and of our spaces as support structures of our lives, we begin to design homes and rooms differently, around the people who dwell in them. Unique, useful, artful.

framingOur favorite home remodel opportunities are those which allow us to help our customers turn the space they have into the space they want.  Sometimes this means making more space, getting bigger. Often it involves making old space new and thereby breathing new life into a home.

We have had the privilege of working with many families locally who remade their homes with major additions or by remodeling a single room. We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our craftsmanship but for the working relationship we maintain with our customers, recognizing that the process of inviting change into your world so intimately can be intimating. When we envision our homes as more than structures, but as extensions of who we are, and when we care to invest in knowing who our customers are, we offer an organic, natural way of managing your home remodel. We put you at ease, because we care about what matters to you.


Conklin Kitchen Renovation
photography: Audrey Ventura

Wirth Addition and Interior Remodel

Thiry Addition and Remodel,
featuring their award-winning new kitchen
photography: Matty Buckwalter